Dolphin Ring


The dolphin is the symbol of protection, the joy of living and good luck. The Dolphin Totem reminds us that having time to play is a crucial element for walking in balance. It moves through the water with speed and great grace.

Dolphin totem tells us to move with the tides of life, and not look for stone walls to crash against them, as spending energy struggling against the current takes us nowhere. Dolphin totem medicine includes change, wisdom, balance, harmony, communication skills, freedom, confidence, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breathing to release intense emotions , The power of water.

Beautiful handmade ring in Sterling silver with a mirror polish finish.

Open ring that is screwed on your finger.When open it accepts several finger sizes. Although it is necessary that you tell us the size of your finger to be able to prepare it to the appropriate measurement.

Remember that in large sizes the price is higher.It is important that you first write us with that information to be able to tell you the price and thus agili

You can also choose to place in your eyes small blue sapphires set (Or the color you prefer) You can customize your ring. Do not hesitate to write us and say what you would like to add. We will make a personalized order

Prices may vary depending on the model and size . Contact us first to inquire about the final price or any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you.