Skull Seahorse Pendant


Pendant seahorse in sterling silver, besides being a jewel serves as totem-amulet. It symbolizes patience, friendship, protection, generosity and knowing how to share with others. It also symbolizes high sensory perception and joy. It is the amulet of friendly and generous people. A peculiarity of sea horses is that they are paired for life and it is the male who incubates the eggs and cares for the offspring.

That is why it is a perfect gift to show love to the person you love.

Measures: 5.8cm long by 2.9 wide.

You can choose several finishes to have a piece more personal and close to your tastes:

- All in silver with mirror gloss finish

- Silver and oxidized textures

- Bathed in rose gold and oxidized textures.

We also have different models of strings:

- Spanish leather braided black or brown

- Silver chain of tail of mouse

- Thick chain with oxidized texture

- You can also choose the length. If you choose a length over 50cm prices vary. It is important that before you make the purchase, write to us to ask for your needs, since if you ask for a longer one, the prices increase