Sterling Silver Coral Starfish Pendant


Starfish have no skeleton. In this pendant we have imagined the interior of a starfish that is transformed into coral. Or is it a coral that becomes a starfish? Everyone in our lives undergoes metamorphosis to grow and improve as people.

We have designed this beautiful star in a state of metamorphosis to remind you and protect you in the changes of your life that are always for good.

Pendant made by hand in sterling silver. We can give different finish and textures: oxidised, plated in pink gold, plated in yellow gold.

Proximate measures: 5x5 cm

We deliver it with several types of laces: Black and brown braided cord Leather cord various colors Necklace made with Japanese silk thread in gold and silver

You can also choose the length.

If you prefer with silver chain, write us and we show you the chain models and their prices You can also choose the length you prefer because the necklaces are made by us We give you all the possibilities so that you can design your pendant to your liking and be personalized and special for you

Prices may vary depending on the model and size of the necklace. Contact us first to inquire about the final price or any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you.