Sterling Silver Dragon Pendant


This beautiful pendant was born after having been working in the seventh season of the Game of Thrones series. Surrounded by stunning designs of dragons, I decided to pay homage to them and create my small and beautiful Drogo pendant. Made in sterling silver with a gemstone set.

You can choose between a synthetic ruby ​​or a blue sapphire although if you prefer another type of stone, do not hesitate to write me, tell me what you would like and I love looking and give you a quote.
I offer these two colors for the symbology they have:
>> Color Red: it symbolizes the power, color to which it is associated with the vitality and the ambition. The red also brings self-confidence, courage and an optimistic attitude before the life.
>> Blue Color: Blue is a cool, soothing color and is associated with the mind, the most intellectual part of the mind, as well as yellow. Navy blue represents the night. In antiquity he was associated with infinity, immortality, royalty, the sacred. It was the color of the divinities, pharaohs, virgins ...

I've always been fascinated by dragons. This strange creature has always been present in the thinking of men, from legend, religion and even fantasy, going from Celtic beliefs, to writers like JR Tolkien (Who in his work gathers many of the data and Myths that had at its time to create their dragons and other beings), medieval culture, Chinese culture and continues to the present day where cinematography has made this animal a recurring figure when power, strength and majesty is about . Undoubtedly, it is difficult to find a mythological animal more surrounded by symbolism than the Dragon. It is curious because the symbolism of the dragon is different for each culture, but all coincide in identifying it with a protective guardian possessing great wisdom and power.
The pendant you can buy it alone or you can also wear it with a twisted Spanish leather cord of high quality in two shades: black and brown.
You also have the option of a silver chain of wide links
In all cases you can choose the length you want.
Please remember to write first asking why prices vary by model and length of leather cord or silver chain

>>It is a perfect gift for lovers of mythology and the Game of Thrones series. 
We give you all the possibilities so that you can design your pendant to your liking and be personalized and special for you